“Dump Him” List

By Crystalina Evert

Courtesy of Chastity.com

If you are in a bad relationship that has any of these qualities, have the courage to be honest with yourself and to get out!

  • You have to tell him more than once to stop
  • You feel the need to “fix” him
  • He looks at pornography
  • He hits you, pushes you, or does anything that frightens you
  • He gets drunk or takes drugs
  • He doesn’t care if you lie to your family
  • He leads you away from God
  • He puts you down and then acts like he’s kidding
  • He cheats on you
  • He lies to you
  • He flirts with other girls
  • He uses guilt to get you to do what he wants
  • He always resents the time you spend with your family
  • He behaves badly and blames it on other people or things that happened to him
  • He can’t stand on his own two feet without you
  • You can’t stand on your own two feet and remain pure with him

These are not minor faults; they are signs of a disastrous future marriage.

If you have a hard time breaking away from a person, get a break up buddy—a close family member or a friend—and they can help you through this.


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